• Tire Size: [details] P225/60R16
    Side Wall: BSW
    Service Description: [details] 97S
    Mileage Warranty: N/A
    UTQG: [details] 360AB
    OEM Fitment: N/A

    Goodyear EAGLE LS

    Product #: 706346034 P225/60R16 97S


    $92.00 PER TIRE

    Goodyear Eagle LS ("Luxury Sport") tires are premium, speed rated performance radials with a heavy design emphasis on a smooth, quiet, disturbance-free ride. This combination of attributes places the Eagle LS tires in our Touring All Season tire category. And while this makes them an appropriate choice for many of today's domestic and imported sporty luxury sedans, Goodyear Eagle LS tires are also used as original equipment on vans, sport utility vehicles and specialty pickup trucks.

    On the outside, Eagle LS tires feature a symmetric, independent tread block design that allows al tire rotation patterns to encourage even wear and maximum tread life. Wide circumferential channels help evacuate water from beneath the contact patch to enhance wet traction and reduce the possibility of hydroplaning. The tread design features different sized independent blocks (with the largest on the tire's shoulders) to improve handling, and the tread block sizes are computer optimized to minimize tread noise for a quiet ride. On the inside twin steel belts are further supported by nylon reinforcement (depending on size and speed requirements) to provide high speed durability.

Warning: The plus sizing of aftermarket tires and wheels on a vehicle can compromise factory components. Such components include, but are not specific to, suspension, brakes, steering, and tire pressure monitoring systems. Furthermore, such additions to a vehicle can also effect acceleration, performance, and braking distances. We recommend that you be familiar with your vehicles driving and handling characteristics. This will help ensure proper vehicle function. DTC and AKH Inc. assume no responsibility for any consequential damages due to the altering of a customer's vehicle. In addition, the purchasing of such products reaffirms that a customer has read and understands the implications of such vehicle enhancements; thus, relieving DTC and AKH Inc. of any consequential after-effects.
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