• Tire Size: [details] 245/55ZR18
    Side Wall: BSW
    Service Description: [details] 103W
    Mileage Warranty: N/A
    UTQG: [details] 400AA/A
    OEM Fitment: N/A

    BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDWS

    Product #: 40913 245/55ZR18


    $249.00 PER TIRE

    In order to round out the g-Force T/A family, BFGoodrich wanted a tire that provided performance driving fun year round (even in snow) and developed the BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDWS (Key benefits: Dry, Wet and Snow) to combine Ultra High Performance with All-Season traction. g-Force T/A tires are BFGoodrichs flagship family of performance tires which includes everything from racing radials for the SCCA Trans Am Championship and DOT Legal Competition tires, to Max Performance and Ultra High Performance "summer" street tires.

    The g-Force T/A KDWS uses a new tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design with large, stable outer shoulder tread blocks to enhance dry traction while its inner independent tread blocks enhance wet road grip and light snow traction. Together, the tread compound and tread design help evacuate water from between the tires contact patch and the road to enhance wet grip when braking (it earns the highest "AA" UTQG Traction Rating) and cornering. Internally, the g-Force T/A KDWSs polyester cord body incorporates BFGoodrichs g-Control Sidewall inserts to enhance steering response and twin steel belts to deliver cornering stability. Additionally, the steel belts are reinforced with BFGoodrichs ETEC (Equal Tension Containment System) spiral wound nylon to provide high speed durability while minimizing weight and maximizing ride qualities.

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