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5 Things to Consider When Buying New Tires

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Owning and maintaining a car isn’t easy, and it’s not something you should take for granted. A happy, cared-for car is a safe car, and tires are a vital part of this. You wouldn’t go around with torn-up shoes! Here’s what to look for when purchasing new tires:

1. Do I Need New Tires?

If you’re not sure you need new tires, it’s probably a good time to check. Examine the tires’ sidewalls and look for cracks or blistering, and do the old “Penny Test” to see if the tread is sufficient. Take a Lincoln penny, insert it into the tread, and if you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tires. When in doubt, ask an expert. Better safe than sorry.

2. What Tires Do I Need?

This can go one of two ways: if you’re happy with how your current set of tires worked when they were in top shape, simply visit a dealer (such as Discount Tire Centers) and ask they replace your tires with the same set. If you’re not happy, or think you could be happier, talk to an expert and see what your options are, and do some research yourself! Starting with…

3. Reviews

One idea is to get some options for replacement tires and, before you pull the trigger and purchase them, go online and read reviews. See if you can’t find reviews for specific tires on your make and model.

4. Summer v. All Season

Cars typically come with all season tires, but if you’re looking for more performance, swap the all season tires for summer tires. What you’ll lose in traction you gain in grip. Warning: you’ll get zero traction in the snow, so if you get caught in a storm with these, it could spell trouble.

5. Large Diameter Wheels + Low-Profile Tires = Trouble

Lately the trend for low-profile tires on large diameter wheels has caused some trouble for car owners, as this can lead to uncomfortable lives. If you find yourself in this situation, swap out your low-profile tires for touring or grand-touring tires for a softer ride. Warning: this will result in weaker handling and grip.

Think it’s time to purchase a new set of tires for your vehicle? To buy tires in Los Angeles or for great tire deals anywhere in the LA area, visit Discount Tire Centers. And leave us a comment: how do you monitor your tires and maintain your car? Any tricks you’d like to share?

 Photo courtesy of Tom Wolf.