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The Batcycle From The Dark Knight Is Real (360-degree Tires and All!)

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catwoman on motorcyle in dark knight chase scene

Students from San Jose State University are making Batman’s Batcycle a reality. The motorcycle features a “spherical drive system” that functions in much the same way as Batmans’ Gotham ride. Though you may not be able to find spherical wheels like this when looking for tires in La Crescenta now, this could be a reality in the future.



The Batcycle offers incredible maneuverability, allowing for abrupt stops and 90 degree angle turns. In fact, the bike these students are developing would allow for 360 degree rotation in any direction. The bike runs on three electric motors and is made entirely out of carbon fiber and rubber.

Check out the Hollywood inspiration for the bike in this clip:

For more information on the project for more photos, visit the official website for the spherical drive system.

Now it’s your turn! Which is better: The batcycle or the batmobile?

Pay More Now to Save in the Long Run: Why Cheap Tires Are Not-So-Cheap

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3 reasons why paying more for tires can save you money

When purchasing tires, the average customer does not think beyond the initial pricing. “How much does it cost?” is usually the first question asked.

The price of the tire may be cheap, but there are other important factors down the line that contribute to higher costs.

Here are three things to consider when buying tires:

1. Installation costs

2. More expensive tires often offer better fuel efficiency

3. More expensive tires last longer, which means you won’t have to replace them as often

Often it is the tires with the higher premium price that will save you money in the future. So if you are looking to buy new tires be sure to think about the bigger picture. There are many tire retailers who specialize in tires in Hollywood and elsewhere in Southern California who can help save you and your family money.

Got any tire buying tips to share? We want to hear about it!