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What Happens if You Drive with a Flat Tire? Watch this Video to Find Out!

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Flat Tire

Nobody wants a flat tire! But what happens if you get one and you don’t pull over quickly enough? Here’s a quick answer:

Well, if you’re driving and you get a flat, rule number one is to find someplace safe to pull over ASAP. How far you’ll be able to drive depends on how fast the tire is deflating. With a full-on blowout, you’ll only have 100 yards to half a mile. That’s the worst case scenario. Now your tire may only have a small puncture, in which case you might be able to go longer than half a mile, but you’ll still need to be very careful. Driving on a flat could destroy your tire’s rim and might even damage your breaks. What’s worse than that? Your car could catch on fire. It’s true.

Need further evidence you need to pull over ASAP once you get a flat? Watch this video:

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Ouch! Those Poor Tires! Car Drifts for 1.5 Miles and Breaks World Record (VIDEO)

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Drifting practice

Ever tried to drift with your car? It ain’t easy, and it’s murder on your tires. But what’s the world’s longest drift? Thirty seconds? A mile? How about a mile and a half? It’s murder on the tires, but it’s fun to watch.

World Record Drift
In Surrey, UK one Mr. Mauro Carlo managed to drift for drifted for 1,44 miles or 6 686.35 feet (2,038 meters- 8.5 laps) around the Mercedes-Benz World perimeter track. He managed this marvel with a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. This, indeed, was the world record.

Watch the video of Mr. Carlo’s record-breaking drift and see for yourself:

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Up in Smoke: Watch These Tires Burn Rubber and Colored Smoke (VIDEO)

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Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 3.23.38 PM

Into drifting? Here’s a hot new trend to follow:

The engineers at Kumho motor sports (and their marketing tagalongs) were amazed when they saw the rise of the increasingly popular motor sport of drifting. In “drifting,” if you don’t know, drivers are judged by how effectively they control their high-powered, rear wheel automobiles as they spin their tires around corners at high speeds. As a consequence, tires generate a lot of smoke as they burn off read rubber. Naturally this causes a lot of wear on the tires, and even though the sport is growing in popularity, there aren’t many drivers with the skills needed to drift with any consistency. It’s not easy.

Getting back to Kumho, the engineers and sales guys got to discussing this and at a meeting came up with the question, “What if the tires emitted colored smoke?” They sent this challenge to chemists in Akron, Ohio, and voila:

Now that’s a colorful new sport. Get the drift?

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4 Tires Changed in 2.05 Seconds…Seriously (VIDEO)

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Dodge Charger Race Car For 2013 Sprint Cup Series

What’s the fastest you’ve ever changed a tire on your car? Ten minutes? Five? Now how fast do you think you and your buddies can change all four of your tires on your car? Two minutes?  Maybe if you’re lucky.  Now try 2.05 seconds.

That’s right, 2.05 seconds. Not minutes. That’s how fast Red Bull’s F1 racing team swapped out Mark Webber’s tires at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Try counting two seconds to get an idea of what we’re talking about here: one, one thousand, two one thousand, t—four tires on and off, bam.



Don’t believe us? Watch and see for yourself:



This change smashed the previous record of 2.3 seconds, and there’s talk a sub-two-second change in the near future. Time, of course, will tell. And in F1 every tenth of a second counts.

Are you an F1 fan? Leave us a comment and share your love. What do you think of this insanely fast pit stop? Do you think they’ll ever swap tires in under two seconds?


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