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The Batcycle From The Dark Knight Is Real (360-degree Tires and All!)

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catwoman on motorcyle in dark knight chase scene

Students from San Jose State University are making Batman’s Batcycle a reality. The motorcycle features a “spherical drive system” that functions in much the same way as Batmans’ Gotham ride. Though you may not be able to find spherical wheels like this when looking for tires in La Crescenta now, this could be a reality in the future.



The Batcycle offers incredible maneuverability, allowing for abrupt stops and 90 degree angle turns. In fact, the bike these students are developing would allow for 360 degree rotation in any direction. The bike runs on three electric motors and is made entirely out of carbon fiber and rubber.

Check out the Hollywood inspiration for the bike in this clip:

For more information on the project for more photos, visit the official website for the spherical drive system.

Now it’s your turn! Which is better: The batcycle or the batmobile?

Airless Tires to Be Released in 2014: Could This Mean An End to Flat Tires?

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Flat tires are one of the biggest general problems a vehicle can have, but an end to the madness is in sight. Off-road vehicle manufacturer Polaris has announced a new kind of tire they plan to begin production on in 2014.



These tires are known as “airless tires.” The tires will be manufactured as options for all-terrain vehicles first. Just think of driving around Tujunga with tires that don’t require air!

What are some of the advantages airless tires provide?

One of the many advantages of this type of tire is that its rubberized outer tread can be modified to suit a number of purposes. This could result in tires designed for higher performance and fuel efficiency. Airless tires also provide a quieter, more comfortable ride, and only require outer tread replacement, making them an eco-friendly tire option.

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