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A 14-Foot Tire and Other Crazy Car and Tire World Records

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What’s the biggest tire you’ve ever seen? How about the fastest tire flip? Check out these three crazy car and tire world records:

giant tire

Photo courtesy of 78428166@N00

1. The World’s Largest Tire
Tire giant Michelin would have to be involved in the world’s largest tire, which is fourteen feet and can be found in North Carolina.

world's largest tire

 Photo courtesy of DougG.

2. Fastest Tire Flipping
Ever seen anybody flip a tire for sport? It happens. The fastest twenty meters was set by a Spaniard by the name of Israel Garrido Sanguinetti, who flipped a Michelin tire that weighted 925 pounds 20 meters in just over 56 seconds.


3. Most Simultaneous Donuts

When’s the last time you whipped a donut? And no, not the doughy kind with the hole in the middle. Ever done donuts with friends?
These guys have. 75 cars at the same time for 15 seconds equals a world record. Here’s a video of multiple cars doing donuts:

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Ouch! Those Poor Tires! Car Drifts for 1.5 Miles and Breaks World Record (VIDEO)

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Drifting practice

Ever tried to drift with your car? It ain’t easy, and it’s murder on your tires. But what’s the world’s longest drift? Thirty seconds? A mile? How about a mile and a half? It’s murder on the tires, but it’s fun to watch.

World Record Drift
In Surrey, UK one Mr. Mauro Carlo managed to drift for drifted for 1,44 miles or 6 686.35 feet (2,038 meters- 8.5 laps) around the Mercedes-Benz World perimeter track. He managed this marvel with a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. This, indeed, was the world record.

Watch the video of Mr. Carlo’s record-breaking drift and see for yourself:

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Photo courtesy of Scott.