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4 Creative Tire Swing Ideas

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We at Discount Tire Centers understand the importance of reusing and recycling, which is why we advocate turning old tires into something new, such as tire swings. Check out these four creative tire swing ideas!

1) Horse

This tire horse swing is sure to please any child (and probably more than a few adults).

tires torrance tire swing ideas


2) Tractor

Children can pretend they also know how to work a big tractor.

tires torrance tractor tire swing

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


3) Dragon

Inspire children’s imaginations with this fantastical tire swing.


tires torrance dragon tire swing


4) Parrots

These painted swings will add a beautiful splash of color to any yard!

parrot tire swing tires torrance

Source: via Mary on Pinterest


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Works of Art Made From Recycled Tires: Yes, It’s Official. We’ve Now Seen Everything.

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Interested in recycling your tires in a creative way? Korean artist Yong Ho Ji has gained global fame with his unique sculptures made from tire strips and synthetic resins. Ji’s works vary from sculptures and busts of powerful animals to eerie hybrid animals and hybrid humans. Ji purposely chose recycled tires as his medium to convey the message of humans’ responsibility to care for and conserve our natural resources.

tire art boar

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

This wild boar is sure to instill fear in the most stolid of people.

jackal sculpture made from recycled tires

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

Part jackal, part man, the Jackal Man is fortunately a creature that only lives in the imagination via recycled tires.

Zebra sculpture made from an upcycled tire

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

Created from black and white tire strips, this beautiful zebra bust has a striking presence.

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Do you have any creative ideas for reusing tires? Let us know in the comments section!

Got an Old Tire? Make an Ottoman!

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Just because your tread’s low is no reason to toss your old tires on the trash heap. With a little bit of spare time, and this step-by-step guide, you can turn that tire in Azusa into a funky, unique piece of furniture.

Crocheted Upcycled Tire Ottoman

Source: via Kal Tire on Pinterest



If you don’t know how to crotchet, here are the materials you’ll need:

-A hot glue gun

- 20 feet of rope


-An old paint brush

-A drill

-Two pieces of pressboard cut to size


DIY Tire Ottoman

Once you’ve got your materials arranged, fix the appropriately sized pressboard discs to the tire with a few nails–this will poke a hole in the tire, but your tire will be comfier for your feet.

Carefully wind your length of rope as shown, fixing it along the way using hot glue.

Tuck the end of the rope back into the weave. You’re almost done!

The final step is to paint a full coat of fixative to keep everything in place. Once you’ve “fixed” the rope to the tire, you can use wood varnish or an outdoor paint so your funky new furniture matches your room.

For more DIY tire ideas, check out 16 Creative Uses for Your Old Tires.

16 Creative Uses for Your Old Tires

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Rather than allowing old tires to pile up in a  tire yard, we at Discounted Tire Centers believe in finding creative, Earth-friendly uses for them. There is a multitude of great ways to reuse old tires that will save money and contribute towards a greener, healthier planet. Check them out!

1) A Belt

belt made from tire


2) Seat Cushions

Tire seats


3) Planters

Planters Made From Tires


4) Lawn Art

Tire alligators


5) A Cool “Man Cave” Table

Man Cave Tire Table


6) A Sandbox

Tire sand box idea


7) Dog Beds

dog bed tires


8) Baskets

tire basket idea


9) Sinks

sinks made from tires


10) A Clock

clock made from tire


11) A Toy Box

toy box tire


12) A Wine Rack

wine rack from tires


13) A See Saw

see saw made from tire


14) Climbing Structure

climbing structure tires

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


15) A Purse

bag made from tire


16) A Roof

roof made from tire


These are just some of the awesome ways you can reuse old tires! Contact us today concerning discounted tires in Studio City.