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In The News: Tire Problems Lead to 2013 Nissan & Honda Recalls

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honda driving in the countryside

Both Nissan and Honda announced recalls on car models: Nissan has recalled some 2013 Altima cars – the reason? Potential problems with their spare tires. Apparently the spare on over 123,000 cars might be seriously over or under inflated, which might lead the tires to fail without warning. Yikes.

Drive an Altima? Nissan dealers will take a look and fix the tire pressure of the spare if necessary, beginning May 3rd. Contact Nissan at 800-647-7261.

Honda is going through a similar recall on the Fit Sport vehicles from 2012 and 13. This recall affects the electronic stability control (ECS) systems, which on affected vehicles might create excessive yaw and high steering angles when combined with certain tires. This might lead to a crash – hence, the recall of over 43,000 cars. Honda dealers can update the ESC system software at no cost to the consumer, beginning May 17th. Contact Honda at 800-999-1009.

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Photo courtesy of Kevin Allen.