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Buying Tires: What’s more important? Cost or Performance?

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Did you know that the quality of your tire has a direct impact on your fuel costs? It’s true. So next time you’re shopping for tires, here are some facts to keep in mind:

Spend a Bit, Save a Lot

Many people are inclined to save money on tires by opting for less-expensive versions and/or using worn tires longer than is economical in terms of fuel. This is a fairly near-sighted approach, in that what you spend on tires by spending up front, and replacing tires more frequently than you otherwise might, actually pays for itself in terms of reduced fuel costs over the life of the tires.

An Example

Let’s imagine a scenario in which you drive a vehicle for 60,000 miles on a set of slightly-more-expensive performance tires for $100 apiece ($400 total), you pay .6 cents per mile. These tires result in more fuel efficiency and better performance. Compare to less-than-ideal tires at $60 apiece ($240), and per mile you’re paying .5 cents, and that’s assuming the cheap tires even last 60,000 miles.

Quality Tires: It’s Worth It

In reality, you’re saving very little by opting for cheaper tires. Yes, in the above example you save $160 up front, but over tens of thousands of miles this amounts to very little in terms of real savings per mile. Add that to the fact that the performance tire will handle better and in all likelihood last longer than its less expensive counterpart, and you see there’s a good argument for spending a little more now on better-quality tires. 

How do you choose what tire’s best for your vehicle? Leave us a comment and share your insights! Looking to buy tires in Bakersfield? Visit Discount Tire Centers!

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