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Fixing Your Tires: Patches vs. Plugs

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So your tires got a nasty hole! Alas, what’s a driver to do? Well, ultimately you’re going to have to replace your tire. But what if you want to drive on it for a period of time? You’ve got a couple options: you can patch or you can plug. Here’s some info:

flat tire


To Plug or Not to Plug
At least one article suggests that tire plugs are not the way to go if you’ve got a damaged tire. A plug will expand or contract at different rates from a given tire, and this can cause full-on blowout. Many people nevertheless still think of plugs before they think of patches, but the next time you’ve got a damaged tire, you might want to think twice before you reach for the plug.

The Winner = Patch
Patching a tire isn’t like patching a pair of jeans. Actually it kind of is. If your jeans were made of rubber, that is. A tire patch goes on the inside of the tire, which means the air pressure inside the tire pushes the patch outward. Contrast this to the unreliable plug, and you can see why the patch is preferable.

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What Happens if You Drive with a Flat Tire? Watch this Video to Find Out!

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Flat Tire

Nobody wants a flat tire! But what happens if you get one and you don’t pull over quickly enough? Here’s a quick answer:

Well, if you’re driving and you get a flat, rule number one is to find someplace safe to pull over ASAP. How far you’ll be able to drive depends on how fast the tire is deflating. With a full-on blowout, you’ll only have 100 yards to half a mile. That’s the worst case scenario. Now your tire may only have a small puncture, in which case you might be able to go longer than half a mile, but you’ll still need to be very careful. Driving on a flat could destroy your tire’s rim and might even damage your breaks. What’s worse than that? Your car could catch on fire. It’s true.

Need further evidence you need to pull over ASAP once you get a flat? Watch this video:

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