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How Can You Determine The Age of a Tire?

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You don’t need to be a car expert to know the age and wear on your tire are really important. It’s fairly easy to determine whether your tires are worn out, but how old are they exactly? Here’s how to check the age of your tires:

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Tires Since 2000

Since the year 2000 the year and the week a tire was produced can be found represented by four digits, called the Tire Identification Number.  The first two digits represent the week, and the second two digits identify the year. 0407, for example, would mean the tire was manufactured in the fourth week of 2007. Simple! You may need to check both sidewalls, but find these numbers and you’re set.

Tires Before 2000

Tires manufactured before 2000 received marks under the assumption they wouldn’t be used for more than ten years. The week and year only contain three digits, such that the first two digits indicate the week and the last digit indicates the year.  So a tire marked 107 means it was produced in the tenth week of the seventh year of a given decade. Unfortunately there’s no way to know what decade a tire was manufactured, although many tires from the 90s are marked with a triangle.

Have any tire tricks you’d like to share?  How do you keep track of your tires’ age and life?  Leave us a comment.

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