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Car Confessions: Where Do You Stand?

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When it comes to cars, people tend to have very different opinions on a number of topics. Whether it’s debating American vs. foreign vehicles or arguing over which driving lane they prefer on the freeway, people have such a passion for their rides that they will take a side on just about any automobile related topic. Here are four of the most common questions relating to automobiles and where most people stand on these important issues.

car confessions

We are a divided nation with strong stances on our beloved automobiles. For more information on car related issues or for the best tires in Los Angeles, contact Discount Tire Centers today.

Customize Your Ride With These Unique Rims

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For years, car enthusiasts have discovered unique and creative ways to enhance the appearance of their automobiles. TV shows like “Pimp My Ride” and “Counting Cars” glamorize customization with stand-out features like spinning rims, airbrush art, interior design and more. Check out these dazzling rim designs that make these vehicles stand out from the crowd.

One way to turn some heads is to create a theme for your rims. These playing card rims will certainly have people talking about your ride.

Give people a reason to throw on their shades when they lay their eyes on your chrome rims with a reflective rainbow appearance.

Stand out among the sea of silver and black rims with customized pink rims. Eyes will immediately gaze at the unique color selection of your rims, making you the envy of the road.

pink rims

Photo by IvyMike

Back in the days before chrome, these wooden spokes were the top choice for many motorists. Achieve that retro look on your vehicle and have the most unique wheels on the block.

wood spokes rim

Photo by Joe Ross

Why have a custom anime themed ride without matching yellow rims?

anime yellow rims

Photo by Ari Helminen

If you are the kind of person that wants to let others know that you are not to be messed with, these spiked rims should do the trick.

spiked rims

Photo by Kurt Haubrich

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Should I Get Winter Tires?

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With heavy snow hitting the Midwest as early as Halloween this year, it is undeniable that winter has arrived. While the occasional blizzard might allow us to opt out of a given drive, the fact is that if you live in a wintry state driving in snow and ice at some point is unavoidable. So fill up the washer fluid, make sure you’ve got a good scraper and most importantly, switch over to winter snow tires.

bad driving conditions

What’s the benefit?

Tires that are sold as “all-season” are fine for year-round driving if you live in temperate climes, but if you live where it snows–or even in a location that endures temperatures below 40F–a set of winter tires will significantly improve your driving safety through the winter months. All-season tires will improve performance in snow and ice, but the industry rule of thumb is that a brand new set of all-season tires will give you traction and performance roughly equivalent to snow tires that have become half worn. If your all-season tires are worn, they may be unsuitable altogether for driving in ice and snow.

Snow or winter tires have drastically improved performance in winter conditions not only because of a superior tread pattern, but also because they are made of softer rubber compounds which stiffen less in the cold and maintain grip. This property makes them ideal for winter driving, but detrimental to driving in summer weather as this rubber will wear more rapidly. All-season tires are designed as a middle ground in rubber softness between summer and winter tires.

Safety and performance vs. price

Winter tires have been proven to give drivers significantly improved stopping, acceleration, handling and cornering in snowy and icy conditions, yet many drivers are reluctant to buy an extra set of tires for just a few months of driving each year. It may be tough to justify an extra purchase, but drivers should consider not only the highly improved safety of snow tires but the fact that switching tires for the winter months will preserve their primary tires in the driving conditions that incur the most wear. If you can get another two or three years out of your primary tires, winter tires practically pay for themselves.

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Survey Finds That Tires Remain a Popular Christmas Gift

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It’s that time of year again when people in colder climates are getting ready for snow and winter driving. For many, that means needing to get new tires for their cars to help ensure safety on the road. With 66% of Americans planning to do significant amounts of driving for the holidays and just as many citing winter driving conditions as their primary winter driving concern, making sure your tires are in good shape is very important.

new tire tread

For these reasons, lots of people consider giving or receiving a set of tires for Christmas to be a good idea. 85% of Americans say they wouldn’t mind finding a set under the tree, and 42% said they’d love to receive a set of new shoes for their vehicles. This goes for women as well as men, with no significant gender difference in the responses.

If you think you can go another year without a new set of tires or don’t anticipate getting one as a gift, here are some things you can do to help stay safe on the road this winter:

Check your tire treads

Worn treads are the #1 cause of skidding during bad weather. Even if  your treads are in good shape, be sure to go slowly when you turn and try to avoid any sudden changes in speed.

Stock up your vehicle

Make sure your wiper fluid, engine coolant and antifreeze are all filled up, and make sure you have an ice scraper, snow shovel, booster cables and flashlight in your car just in case.

Check your tire pressure

You can improve your gas mileage by over 3% by keeping your tires properly inflated. Additionally, tires that are over or under-inflated can pose a safety risk, particularly in bad weather. Check your tires every month to make sure they have enough air in them.

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