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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

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Buy the car lover in your life gifts that ensure their ride stays all kinds of sweet. Check out these five holiday gift ideas for car lovers that guarantee happy squeals, smiles and hugs:

1) Car Wash Kit

washing car

Since car lovers enjoy keeping their ride shiny, why not gift them with a car wash kit? Purchase a pre-made kit or make your own using an aluminum pail, car cleaners, soaps, sponges, waxes and whatever else you want to throw in there that will maintain a gleaming vehicle.

2) DeFogger Pad

A foggy windshield runs the gamut from annoying to dangerous, so help the car enthusiast in your life stay safe with the gift of a defogger pad. These items are great to have when on the road, as they clear moisture without leaving streaks and smudges. Plus, they work on any surface including aluminum, tile, glass, stainless steel and of course windshields. The pad features a super-absorbent synthetic sponge interior and an exterior made of oil-tanned sheepskin leather chamois.

3) Solar-Powered Digital Tire Gauge

A hand-held gadget featuring digital LCD display, this solar-powered tire gauge allows you to check “tire health” quickly and easily. A built-in extendable depth ruler makes for easy tire tread inspection, and don’t forget to use its solar panel to recharge the lithium batteries. Perfect for the Eco-friendly car enthusiast.

4) New Tires

new tires

What motor head wouldn’t want new tires for Christmas? Find out what type of wheels your loved one really needs and give the gift that will last for years. Look for deals on specialty tires and save money in addition to providing a wonderful, highly-practical gift.

5) iPhone Windshield Mount

This gift marks the end of fumbling around the console trying to find an iPhone and glance at directions without hitting a telephone pole. The iPhone windshield mount allows for easy GPS navigation, and will give you the peace of mind knowing that your friend or family member is driving safely and free from distractions.

Have any other gift ideas for car lovers you’d like to add? Share your ideas in the comments section! For the best deals on tires in Santa Monica, check out Discount Tire Centers today.

Hankook has Reinvented the Wheel

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It’s happened to everyone. You’re driving along, and suddenly the steering goes funny and you hear the classic flopping sound of a flat tire. Next thing you know, you’re on the shoulder jacking up the car to put on the spare or waiting for AAA. Even if you don’t blow your tire, you have to constantly check the pressure and worry about the tread. The fact is, as dramatically as the car has changed from the Model T days, you’re still driving around on rubber donuts full of air. But things may be changing in a big way if Korean tire manufacturer Hankook has anything to do with it.

hankook i-flex tires
Never have a flat again

The basic concept of their i-Flex “tire” was originally developed by Bridgestone and other companies, but Hankook is taking the next step and merging the tire and the wheel into one unit. Not only does this design make flats just about impossible with the i-Flex being totally air-free, but the innovative wheels also absorb bumps better than the tires on current vehicles. For the environmentally minded, there’s even more reason to buy them. The i-Flex will be 95% recyclable and will be better for fuel economy than old fashioned tires.

How does it Work?

The design omits both tubes and rims, opting instead for an arrangement of beehive like cells which allows the whole “tire”–not just a few inches of inflated rubber–to act as a suspension unit, distributing bumps equally across the material and providing a consistent rigidity unlike normal tires.  Because there is no solid metal components, the i-Flex also promises to reduce the overall weight of your car and may improve handling. With all these advantages over old-fashioned “tires,” it seems Hankook may have actually reinvented the wheel.

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Most Disliked Cars of 2013

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Recently, CNN Money gave a rundown of 2013′s most disliked new cars. While we think it’s hard to go wrong buying a new car these days, the list makes for an interesting read. Do you have a most disliked car? Do you think CNN got it dead wrong? Let us know in the comments.

(And remember: the cars listed here represent the opinion of the original article’s author and not Discount Tire Centers)

nissan logo

Nissan Versa Note

While the car is a deal at under $14,000, there are seemingly countless drawbacks: a noisy, sluggish transmission, a hard plastic interior and little exterior appeal. The reviewer of the Wall Street Journal said that the Note ” . . . almost has an early 1970s, East German vibe to it.”

Acura RLX

The RLX has faced noted abuse from car reviewers, calling the car bland, boring and over-priced. While the car seems to be nothing more than an over-equipped Honda Accord, its $60K loaded price-tag is enough to make any car buyer cringe.

Mini Cooper Paceman

Mini Cooper deserves some credit for building its brand with numerous variations on the same basic car. Unfortunately, the 2014 Paceman comes up more than a little short. While it is $1,500 more than the similar Countryman model, it doesn’t boast the Countryman’s four doors and doesn’t seem to perform any better, according to reviewers from Car and Driver.

dodge logo

Dodge Dart

In 2012, the Dart was introduced to some hub-bub as the first Fiat-based Chrysler product following the merger of the automotive companies. When reviewers got up close though, the vehicle left a lot to be desired. The biggest complaints regarded the two engines available on new Darts, with critics saying they were both noisy and underpowered.

Head over to CNN Money to read the rest of the list. And don’t forget to let us know your least favorite car of 2013 in the comments section. For the best prices on tires in Bakersfield, contact Discount Tire Centers today.

Snow Tires vs. All Season Tires

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If all season tires are really “all season,” why would anyone need snow tires? It’s a common question among tire buyers but the reality is that snow tires and all season tires are substantially different in terms of design, materials and the road conditions they are intended for. Read ahead to learn about the difference before heading to the tire shop.

Snow Tires

snow tires cold

Snow tires are designed to perform well in all types of winter weather and road conditions, including ice, sleet, snow and slush. To meet these demanding circumstances, winter tires utilize an aggressive tread design that not only reduces snow build up, but provides enhanced breaking and performance in snowy or icy conditions. The materials are a little different than ordinary tires and are made with an optimized rubber formula that stays flexible at low temperatures–making for better vehicle control.  The downside is that in warmer weather, snow tires can become too flexible, increasing wear on your tread and significantly decreasing performance.

All Season Tires

tires on car

All season tires are designed to provide traction, even tread wear and stable handling year round, in wet conditions and dry. They often have a more aggressive tread than conventional tires, though snow tires are far superior in snowy or icy conditions. The trade-off is that all season tires maintain good flexibility throughout an annual range of temperatures. This means that they will perform well in January or July.

Still not sure which you need?

In cold, dry conditions, all season tires are a good choice, but if you live in an area of heavy snowfall, sub-freezing temperatures and hilly roads, you will want to switch to snow tires in the winter months. Many drivers find that snow tires increase their confidence and comfort driving in snowy conditions. Just remember to take them off in the spring.

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