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Celebrity Cars: The 5 Coolest Cars in Los Angeles

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Hollywood didn’t invent cool, but it does sell it. One thing Hollywood knows better than almost any other is cars. With the Fast and Furious franchise breaking records, here’s a look at five of the coolest cars in Hollywood, driven by the celebrities. Here we go:

hollywood action cars
Photo by singhflicks

5. Kanye and Kim’s Porsche Panamera Turbo
You’re not going to take over the title of Hollywood’s most powerful power couple in a Honda. The parents of North West cruise the Hollywood Hills in style.

4. Jackie Chan’s Bentley Mulsanne
If you’re one of the biggest crossover stars in the world, Bentley’s probably the right statement you’d like your automobile to offer.

3. Rihanna’s Porsche 911
It’s called a 911 because it demands attention. Much like the controversial singer herself, this vehicle is a bold statement that makes noise whenever on the street.

2. Jay Sean’s Lambo
It’s called a Gallardo. With so many horses under the hood, Jay Sean could probably drive this thing to “Mars.”

1. Dwayne Wade’s McLaren MP4-12C
After winning two straight NBA championships, Wade can drive any car he chooses. He picked a winner in the McLaren, which has a top speed of 207 mph.

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How to Make a Tire Swing

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Few things are more evocative of an American summer than a tire swing. It’s absolutely classic, and is a great way to get kids and adults alike outdoors and active. Here’s how to make a sturdy tire swing in just a few quick steps.

girl riding tire swing

1. Find an Old Tire
Look for a tire with not too much wear and tear, but is worn in enough so the material isn’t rock solid.

2. Clean the Tire
Just get some soap, water, and a towel, and have at it. You have no idea where that tire has been.

3. Find a Tree
Make sure the branch you pick is appropriate and can hold the weight of the tire and a human body. It should be at least 10 inches thick and 9 feet above the ground.

4. Buy Rope
You’ll need 50 feet of quality rope.

5. Drill 3 Holes in the Tire
Why? To allow water to drain from it. Drill these holes in the bottom of the tire.

6. Tie the Rope
Use a square knot to tie the rope to the branch of the tree. Make sure the drainage holes are at the bottom. Use a square knot to tie the rope to the tire.

7. Trim the Rope
Cut excess rope.

8. Test It!
Don’t let a child test the swing first, obviously.

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Main photo by Elaine Ashton

Are Men or Women Better Drivers?

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As long as there have been cars to drive, people have been debating the question of whether men or women are better drivers. A new study conducted by analytics company Quality Planning sheds new light on the debate and may finally allow us to put the age-old question to rest. The study looked at different categories of traffic violations and accidents, and compared how often men and women were involved in each category.

Are men or women better drivers?

The rate at which men and women get into accidents is more or less the same; however, accidents caused by men tend to be more serious. A higher proportion of accidents caused by women were minor fender-benders, but men were much more likely to be involved in serious crashes, particularly those involving fatalities.

Men were involved in significantly more traffic violations and accidents compared to the opposite sex. Accidents where men were at fault also tended to be more expensive because they were more likely to violate laws involving speeding, passing, and yielding to other drivers, which have higher fines than other violations. Men were also cited for reckless driving almost 3.5 times more frequently than women, which is considered one of the most serious traffic violations.

However, there have been some interesting changes in the involvement of men vs. women in traffic violations and accidents. Between 1975 and 2003, the number of women who died in car crashes increased by 14%, while fatalities among men decreased 11%. Part of this change can be attributed to the fact that the number of women earning drivers’ licenses increased over the same period of time. Additionally, more women do seem to be driving more aggressively than they used to, so it may happen sometime in the future that women no longer outperform men at driving safely.

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