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Where People Go for the Tire Experts

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little boy changing tire

Everything is under control.  Nobody panic.

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your car tires, only one name comes to mind: Discount Tire Centers.  Besides carrying your favorite brands, we can help you with all of your tire-related questions, like whether or not Fix-A-Flat is the right answer for a flat tire, the truth about overinflating, and how to handle tires that are vibrating.

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The Tire’s Story: Dates & Statistics You Never Knew!

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tire facts and statistics

The beginnings of the tire came in the mid 1800s, when Charles Goodyear invented a specific kind of rubber.  By the early 1900s, the first functioning automobile tire was being utilized.  It spread like wildfire; and by the late 1900s, all of the newest American cars were using the more developed version!

They’re something that we need on a daily basis but often taken for granted.  Who knew there was so much history behind something so regularly ignored?!

It’s important that you use quality car parts that are kept in excellent condition.  If you’re shopping for tires in Burbank, visit us online today!