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A 14-Foot Tire and Other Crazy Car and Tire World Records

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What’s the biggest tire you’ve ever seen? How about the fastest tire flip? Check out these three crazy car and tire world records:

giant tire

Photo courtesy of 78428166@N00

1. The World’s Largest Tire
Tire giant Michelin would have to be involved in the world’s largest tire, which is fourteen feet and can be found in North Carolina.

world's largest tire

 Photo courtesy of DougG.

2. Fastest Tire Flipping
Ever seen anybody flip a tire for sport? It happens. The fastest twenty meters was set by a Spaniard by the name of Israel Garrido Sanguinetti, who flipped a Michelin tire that weighted 925 pounds 20 meters in just over 56 seconds.


3. Most Simultaneous Donuts

When’s the last time you whipped a donut? And no, not the doughy kind with the hole in the middle. Ever done donuts with friends?
These guys have. 75 cars at the same time for 15 seconds equals a world record. Here’s a video of multiple cars doing donuts:

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Ouch! Those Poor Tires! Car Drifts for 1.5 Miles and Breaks World Record (VIDEO)

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Drifting practice

Ever tried to drift with your car? It ain’t easy, and it’s murder on your tires. But what’s the world’s longest drift? Thirty seconds? A mile? How about a mile and a half? It’s murder on the tires, but it’s fun to watch.

World Record Drift
In Surrey, UK one Mr. Mauro Carlo managed to drift for drifted for 1,44 miles or 6 686.35 feet (2,038 meters- 8.5 laps) around the Mercedes-Benz World perimeter track. He managed this marvel with a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. This, indeed, was the world record.

Watch the video of Mr. Carlo’s record-breaking drift and see for yourself:

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Photo courtesy of Scott.

Nitrogen or Air in Tires: Which Is Better?

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A popular rumor floating around the internet is that there might be an advantage to filling your car’s tires with pure nitrogen instead of air. But is it really better? And if so, what are the benefits? Let’s take a look at the facts:

Car & Clouds

BMW 135i

Fact #1: Your Tires Already Have Nitrogen in Them

Air consists of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with a small remainder of noble gases, CO2 and water vapor. But the nitrogen most tire experts mean when they talk about the nitrogen vs air debate is PURE nitrogen.

Fact #2: Nitrogen-Filled Tires Can Improve Fuel-Economy

Every car geek knows having your car’s tires set to the proper pressure is part of maximizing your miles per gallon. Because pure nitrogen is less likely to pass through your tires’ rubber than typically oxygenated air, nitrogen-filled tires are more likely to hold proper pressure for longer. Now if you check your tires frequently, this might not make a difference, but if you’re like most people and let things go a little longer than is ideal, this can make a difference in both performance and gas mileage.

Fact #3: Air Tires Have Small Amounts in Them, Can Lead to Tire Rim Corrosion

Another good reason to opt for pure nitrogen tires has to do with water. Water, which occurs in small portions in air as a vapor, can lead to more of a pressure change as the temperature changes. It can also corrode the steel or aluminum rim of your tire. Pure nitrogen is dry nitrogen, which means no water, which means no problem.

Bottom line: Nitrogen filled tires will save you a small amount on fuel and maintenance and prevent corrosion of your wheels. You’ll only notice an improvement in performance, however, if your tires were already well out of whack, but it still might be worth it!

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Photo courtesy of Andrew Wong.

How Can I Tell What Size Tires I Need?

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Most days you probably don’t think about the tires on your car, and that’s a good thing. You’ve got other things to worry about. But here’s a reminder that your tires are among the most important part of your automobile, and it’s important to make sure your tires are right all around: right pressure, right alignment, and right size.

American Muscle car

Here’s an answer to the common question: what size tires do I need?

An Ode to Placards

If your vehicle was manufactured during or after 2003, you’ll find a handy information placard, typically on the driver’s side doorjamb. If you don’t find it there, it will probably be somewhere on the driver’s side. On earlier vehicles you might also find the information on the rear passenger doorjamb (Ford sedans), fuel door, glove box or console door, or even in the engine compartment. If you still can’t find it, just do a web search for the location of the placard or the tire information. Easy.

Why You Should Check

It’s very important you replace your tires with the correct size, and in some cases vehicles are manufactured with different-sized front and rear tires. Don’t assume because you know the size of one set you know the size of both. When in doubt, search online for the correct size, and confirm with an expert!

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Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn.

Airless Tires to Be Released in 2014: Could This Mean An End to Flat Tires?

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Flat tires are one of the biggest general problems a vehicle can have, but an end to the madness is in sight. Off-road vehicle manufacturer Polaris has announced a new kind of tire they plan to begin production on in 2014.



These tires are known as “airless tires.” The tires will be manufactured as options for all-terrain vehicles first. Just think of driving around Tujunga with tires that don’t require air!

What are some of the advantages airless tires provide?

One of the many advantages of this type of tire is that its rubberized outer tread can be modified to suit a number of purposes. This could result in tires designed for higher performance and fuel efficiency. Airless tires also provide a quieter, more comfortable ride, and only require outer tread replacement, making them an eco-friendly tire option.

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Works of Art Made From Recycled Tires: Yes, It’s Official. We’ve Now Seen Everything.

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Interested in recycling your tires in a creative way? Korean artist Yong Ho Ji has gained global fame with his unique sculptures made from tire strips and synthetic resins. Ji’s works vary from sculptures and busts of powerful animals to eerie hybrid animals and hybrid humans. Ji purposely chose recycled tires as his medium to convey the message of humans’ responsibility to care for and conserve our natural resources.

tire art boar

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

This wild boar is sure to instill fear in the most stolid of people.

jackal sculpture made from recycled tires

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

Part jackal, part man, the Jackal Man is fortunately a creature that only lives in the imagination via recycled tires.

Zebra sculpture made from an upcycled tire

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

Created from black and white tire strips, this beautiful zebra bust has a striking presence.

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How Can I Make My Tires Last As Long As Possible?

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It’s easy to forget about your tires. But treating them right not only improves your vehicle’s safety and performance, it also saves you money. Below are some things to keep in mind to ensure your tires last as long as possible.

tire close up

Don’t Let Your Tires Become Underinflated

When your tires are just a few pounds light, a flat spot develops where the rubber meets the road. This means a larger surface area of the tire is in contact, which rapidly accelerates tire wear. It affects your gas mileage as well by increasing the friction between the tire and the road.

Check your tire pressure once a month and add a little air as needed to match the tire’s specifications. Most tires lose a pound or two every month.

Check to See that Your Tires Sit Vertically (and Don’t Lean to the Right or Left)

Any good maintenance shop will have a number of hi-tech techniques for checking your tire alignment. But you can do a simple check yourself in your own driveway.

The first thing to look for is the tire’s camber (the degree to which the tire tilts toward or away from the car, i.e. is the tire vertical). If there is any amount of camber, the tread will wear unevenly and you’ll have to replace much sooner. You can tell if there’s a camber on your front tires by standing directly in front of the vehicle (or behind it for rear tires) and determining whether your tires tip in or out.

Make Sure Your Tires Aren’t “Pigeon-Toed”

You can also check what’s called the ‘toe’ of your tires. The front of your tires should be pointed straight ahead, if they are “pigeon-toed” (pointing inward) or splayed outward, your tread will not wear evenly. Pigeon-toed tires often bear a distinctive tread-wear called ‘feathering’ in the industry.

If either your camber or toe seems off, or you see uneven tread-wear, it’s time to get your tires aligned.

Get Your Tires Regurlarly Rotated

All four of your tires wear a little differently. In front-wheel drive cars, the front tires wear out much faster than the backs, and vice versa. Passenger side versus driver side can make a huge difference as well, due to differing frequencies in left and right turns. Most manufacturers recommend rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to distribute wear evenly. To make remembering this easy, have your tires rotated at every other oil change.

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Photo courtesy of Steve Garner.


Got an Old Tire? Make an Ottoman!

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Just because your tread’s low is no reason to toss your old tires on the trash heap. With a little bit of spare time, and this step-by-step guide, you can turn that tire in Azusa into a funky, unique piece of furniture.

Crocheted Upcycled Tire Ottoman

Source: via Kal Tire on Pinterest



If you don’t know how to crotchet, here are the materials you’ll need:

-A hot glue gun

- 20 feet of rope


-An old paint brush

-A drill

-Two pieces of pressboard cut to size


DIY Tire Ottoman

Once you’ve got your materials arranged, fix the appropriately sized pressboard discs to the tire with a few nails–this will poke a hole in the tire, but your tire will be comfier for your feet.

Carefully wind your length of rope as shown, fixing it along the way using hot glue.

Tuck the end of the rope back into the weave. You’re almost done!

The final step is to paint a full coat of fixative to keep everything in place. Once you’ve “fixed” the rope to the tire, you can use wood varnish or an outdoor paint so your funky new furniture matches your room.

For more DIY tire ideas, check out 16 Creative Uses for Your Old Tires.

Up in Smoke: Watch These Tires Burn Rubber and Colored Smoke (VIDEO)

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Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 3.23.38 PM

Into drifting? Here’s a hot new trend to follow:

The engineers at Kumho motor sports (and their marketing tagalongs) were amazed when they saw the rise of the increasingly popular motor sport of drifting. In “drifting,” if you don’t know, drivers are judged by how effectively they control their high-powered, rear wheel automobiles as they spin their tires around corners at high speeds. As a consequence, tires generate a lot of smoke as they burn off read rubber. Naturally this causes a lot of wear on the tires, and even though the sport is growing in popularity, there aren’t many drivers with the skills needed to drift with any consistency. It’s not easy.

Getting back to Kumho, the engineers and sales guys got to discussing this and at a meeting came up with the question, “What if the tires emitted colored smoke?” They sent this challenge to chemists in Akron, Ohio, and voila:

Now that’s a colorful new sport. Get the drift?

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Going on a Summer Road Trip? Read this Tire and Car Safety Checklist First

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driving down the road

Headed out on a long summer roadtrip? Check these items off your list first:

Are Your Tires Properly Inflated?

Your tires should be inflated according to you vehicle’s owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s recommendation printed on the vehicle’s door placard—this may differ from the maximum limit on the tire’s sidewall. Tires should be checked and inflated before a long drive, while the rubber is cool.

Does Your Air Filter Need Replacing?

A clogged air filter can reduce gas mileage. Replacing your air filter can mean real savings at the pump.

Are Your Spark Plugs Dirty or Worn? They May Need to Be Replaced!

Fresh, properly gapped spark plugs are crucial to your cars performance. Spark plugs that are dirty or worn may misfire, which wastes fuel. Replace spark plugs according to your owner’s manual for the best performance.

How’s Your Gas Gap? 

A gas cap in good condition properly seals your fuel. If it is damaged, loose, or missing, vapor leaks can waste fuel in the summer heat. 

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Photo courtesy of Snugg LePup.